Day: October 17, 2022

Setting up an online Supermarket in your local area

If the headlines are to believed then most national supermarkets do not have the capacity to cope with demand for online deliveries.  Some supermarkets are only meeting 10% of demand so if your future prospects are uncertain setting up an online supermarket in your local area could be a good opportunity. Social distancing is here to stay, […]

Simplified UX delivers 3x ecommerce Sales Conversion

Our recent re-design of a customisation interface for Cubbies (a customised toy retailer) has delivered a 3x uplift in ecommerce sales conversions. The result proves the techstersol simplicity trumps convoluted functionality every time. Like many businesses navigating the Covid-19 pandemic, Cubbies had experienced a dip in traffic. This was compounded by below benchmark sales conversion resulting from a […]

Invest in yourself, build an audience, win your freedom

Techstersol has been helping start-up businesses grow for nearly 8 years. During this time many people have come to us looking for ways to fulfil their dreams of financial independence and freedom. Many of these individuals have had very good ideas, and some with relatively detailed plans. However, one of the most common misconceptions is what […]

Techstersol Digital wins Clutch award: Top UK WordPress & Shopify Developers 2021

Techstersol Digital has been serving Clients with design and development services in the UK since 2012! We create informational websites, e-commerce platforms, international multi-language websites, and web applications for small & medium-sized businesses, start-ups and agencies. We listen carefully to Client’s commercial objectives and leverage technology to help them achieve their goals of financial independence […]

Techstersol introduces Craft CMS for clients looking for enhanced Security & Speed

With Google core web vitals likely to penalise a lot of WordPress sites bloated with plugins, we have been assessing some alternative options such as Craft CMS. The general consensus among PHP developers is that Craft is more secure, easier to use (for end users and developers), and if built properly – faster with potential to score green with Google […]

Share the meal – together, we can end global hunger

We have been donating each month to Share the meal, a fantastic app which enables you to contribute to the UN goal of ending global hunger. Well thought through and super easy to use, the app provides updates on where your money is spent – even sharing the details of the food that is bought […]

Meet Ayo our new Intern

Techstersol is expanding its development team with a brand new Internship! After exhaustive testing, interviews and practical challenges we selected Ayo to join us and help create all things #Digital for Life. Ayo is a former railway technician turned self-taught ‘codaholic’ who enjoys everything programming. From tackling technical challenges that stretch his problem-solving ability to learning […]

Need start-up capital? Demo your idea with an interactive MVP prototype

Over the years we have met some imaginative founders whose ambition exceeds their pockets. Often they have an embryonic idea, some starter slides for a pitch, a lot of energy and some [limited] personal capital to invest. Rather than remortgaging / maxing out personal credit we recommend putting ideas to the test with seasoned investors. […]

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