Single web page = huge impact!

Many entrepreneurs and newly formed businesses realise they need get online but want to keep costs down. With so many single page offers available Techstersol wanted to break the mould with a complete package fulfilling every possible need to get started on the Web.

That’s why we introduced our Business Web Starter Package, which includes everything a new business needs including, domain name, hosting, logo design and photography. Prosper Loans is an example of a recent client taking advantage of this offer.

They wanted a site which was professional, communicated their value proposition and is capable of capturing new business leads. Techstersol Digital’s creative team took the ball and created this very simple but effective site which clearly communicates Prosper’s Secured Loan offering without being staid and boring as many Financial Services sites can be.

In addition to the unique branding and creative theme, they received a full copywriting service, a spam proof enquiry form and basic on-site SEO to make this a very strong site in terms of SEO on-site technical scores.


are now working with the client to build traffic to site to ensure it does what all good websites should – generate new enquiries and add significant value to their bottom line.

Single web page = huge impact!

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